Issue 76

Beam Dynamics Newsletter

7 Announcements from the Beam Dynamics Panel

7.1 ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletter

7.1.1 Aim of the Newsletter

The ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletter is intended as a channel for describing unsolved problems and highlighting important ongoing work, and not as a substitute for journal articles and conference proceedings that usually describe completed work. It is published by the ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel, one of whose missions is to encourage dissemination of information and international collaboration in beam dynamics. Normally the Newsletter is published every April, August and December. The deadlines are 15th March, 15th July and 15th November, respectively.

7.1.2 Categories of Articles

The categories of articles in the newsletter are the following:

  • 1. Announcements from the panel.

  • 2. Reports of beam dynamics activities carried out by an ICFA-BD group.

  • 3. Reports on workshops, meetings and other events related to beam dynamics.

  • 4. Announcements of future beam dynamics-related international workshops and meetings.

    • - Those who wish to use a newsletter to announce their workshops are welcome to do so. Articles should typically fit within half a page and include descriptions of the subject, date, place, web site and other contact information.

  • 5. Review of beam dynamics problems.

    • - This is a place to bring attention primarily to progress in solving problems or developing a field rather than just to report about completed work. Clear and short highlights on the problem are encouraged.

  • 6. Letters to the editor

    • - A forum open to everyone, anybody can express his/her opinion on beam dynamics and related activities, by writing to one of the editors. The editors reserve the right to reject contributions they judge to be inappropriate, although they have rarely had cause to do so. The editors may request an article following a recommendation by panel members. However anyone who wishes to submit an article is strongly encouraged to contact any Beam Dynamics Panel member before starting to write.

7.1.3 How to Prepare a Manuscript

The editors’ preference is to prepare the Newsletter in , although articles in Microsoft Word will also be accepted. Contact information for the Editor-in-Chief and the Issue Editor is provided on the Beam Dynamics Panel web site:

Articles in can be prepared using any standard class file or using the template for authors on the web page. The text and associated figures should be in separate files and sent to the editors together with a PDF file to indicate how the finished article is expected to appear.

Those using Word should download the appropriate template from the web site. Send the article to the editors as above, also including a PDF indicating how the finished article should appear.

In both cases the templates will evolve with time, so please make sure you use the latest version.

Each article should include the title, authors’ names and affiliations. If agreeable the e-mail address of the lead author will also appear. However, personal data is subject to the provisions of data protection laws and it is within the rights of authors to request that details (such as their email address) are not published in the Newsletter.

Authors are reminded to respect the terms of copyright when submitting articles. If any part of an article has been previously published in a refereed journal or in conference proceedings, the author should check that it is permissible to reproduce it in the newsletter. Copyright terms can vary from journal to journal, conference to conference. The Chair of JACoW ( will normally grant permission for any part of a paper from a JACoW conference to be reproduced if an acknowledgement is made. Please consult him for the appropriate wording.

7.1.4 Distribution

The Newsletter is published in both html and (downloadable) PDF format. Readers who sign-up to the electronic mailing list via will receive an email notification whenever a new issue is released.

The Panel’s web site provides access to the Newsletters, information about future and past workshops, and other information useful to accelerator physicists.

An archive of issues of this newsletter from 1987-2016 is available at

Except in a few exceptional cases, printed copies of the ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletters are no longer issued.

7.1.5 Regular Correspondents

The Beam Dynamics Newsletter particularly encourages contributions from smaller institutions and countries where the accelerator physics community is small. Since it is impossible for the editors and panel members to survey all beam dynamics activity worldwide, we have some Regular Correspondents. They are expected to find interesting activities and appropriate persons to report them and/or report them by themselves. We hope that we will have a “compact and complete” list covering all over the world eventually. The present Regular Correspondents are as follows:

Liu Lin South America
Sameen Ahmed Khan Middle East and Africa
Suzie Sheehy Australasia

Additional volunteers as Regular Correspondents would be welcome.