Issue 76

Beam Dynamics Newsletter

5.2 Simulations of RF Beam Manipulations Including Intensity Effects for CERN PSB and SPS Upgrades

CANDIDATE: Danilo Quartullo, La Sapienza, Rome
SUPERVISOR: Mauro Migliorati (La Sapienza), Giovanni Rumolo (CERN)
GRADUATION: October 2018

The PhD activity of Danilo Quartullo concerned the study of the longitudinal beam manipulations of high intensity bunches in the framework of the LHC Injector Upgrade program. In particular his work can be divided into two main parts. The first part is related to analysis of the CERN PS Booster operation after the LIU upgrades. The second is devoted to studies of momentum slip stacking of HL-LHC ion beam in the SPS. He analysed beam stability for future cycles and intensities, finding some important machine limitations.

During the last year of his PhD Danilo Quartullo won the Premio Minerva of La Sapienza (2nd edition) for his important contribution to the advancement in his subject area (sciences and technology). The prize was awarded in March 2019.