Issue 76

Beam Dynamics Newsletter

1 Foreword

1.1 From the Chair

Ingo Hofmann, GSI/TUD

The sudden passing of Prof. Yong Ho Chin on January 8 came as a shock to us, and it is a big loss to the accelerator community and the ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel. Yong Ho Chin had served as a dedicated Panel Chair since 2016. In his memory, this newsletter offers tributes from several colleagues who have closely interacted with him. Newsletter #77 (August 2019) will be prepared and edited by Dr. Yoshihiro Shobuda from JPARC as a scientific dedication to Yong Ho Chin’s achievements and related topics.

A short note about ICFA itself: The “International Committee for Future Accelerators” held its last meeting (usually twice a year) at the University of Tokyo on March 6-8, 2019. A central topic was the future of the International Linear Collider (ILC) project – in its new version with a total collision energy reduced to 250 GeV from originally 500 GeV for cost and time saving reasons. A press conference about this project was held announcing that currently an “Update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics” is being collected, which will be presented and discussed at an “Open Symposium” in 2020.

On behalf of the beam dynamics panel we are glad to announce the following ICFA meetings in 2019:

  • \( \circ \) The 63rd ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Energy Recovery Linacs (ERL2019), September 15-20, 2019, in Berlin, Germany, is the eighth in the series of international workshops covering accelerator physics and technology of energy recovery linacs. See

  • \( \circ \) An ICFA Mini-Workshop on Slow Extraction, July 22-24, 2019 at FNAL, USA, in continuation of successful previous meetings on the same topic held at GSI (2016) and CERN (2017). See

  • \( \circ \) An ICFA Mini-Workshop on Mitigation of Coherent Beam Instabilities in Particle Accelerators (MCBI), September 23-27, 2019, in Zermatt, Switzerland.

For 2020 ICFA has now endorsed the choice of time and location of the 64th Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High-Intensity and High-Brightness Hadron Beams (HB2020), which will be held at FNAL September 28–October 2, 2020. It is the follow-up to HB2018 in Daejeon, Korea, and the 10th event of this series – started also at FNAL in 2002 – and considered the primary conference for the international community of high intensity beam dynamics. The Workshop and LOC chair of HB2020 is Eliana Gianfelice-Wendt, FNAL.

The present Newsletter #76 focuses on the exciting subject of Fixed-Field alternating gradient Accelerators (now abbreviated to FFAs). An impressive number of 18 articles reflects the worldwide status of activities in this area. Our thanks go to Chris Prior who took responsibility and made this comprehensive survey possible as editor. It should become a highly valued and up-to-date document covering the whole field of FFAs and their prospects of application!

Along with this we also owe Chris thanks for having taken the initiative to realise for our Newsletter the optional use of Microsoft Word (used so far) and LaTeX (now the preferred choice) – thus responding to the preference of many actual and potential authors. In §7.1.3 details are found how to prepare manuscripts.

We welcome Suzie Sheehy as new Regular Correspondent for Australasia, who offers insight into hadron-therapy plans in Melbourne (section 4, also with reports on Middle East activities including the latest development at SESAME in Jordan by our correspondent Sameen Ahmed Khan). The Panel hopes that further Regular Correspondents can be encouraged to join in!

From time to time, it appears necessary to draw attention to the guidelines for the different types of ICFA workshops:

  • \( \circ \) ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshops are a long-established and prestigious series and need approval by ICFA itself; we recommend submitting an application to the ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel as early as possible to attain the required ICFA sponsorship.

  • \( \circ \) ICFA Mini-Workshops are sponsored by the ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel itself; Panel approval takes usually two weeks and must in all cases precede public announcement. Approval post publication cannot be accepted.

For both types of workshop the organizers are required to submit a summary report after the workshop for publication in the ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletter. For further important details please see our website.