Issue 76

Beam Dynamics Newsletter

6 Forthcoming Beam Dynamics Events

6.1 Slow Extraction Workshop 2019

CONTACT: Vladimir Nagaslaev (chair), FNAL

The third in the successful series of Slow Extraction Workshops will be held at Fermilab from July 22nd to 24th, 2019.

The objectives of the meeting are to:

  • \( \small \bullet \) Review the state of the art in present Slow Extraction performance in terms of beam loss and spill quality.

  • \( \small \bullet \) Gauge the present state and future potential of SX performance with theoretical limitations.

  • \( \small \bullet \) Review the design performance parameters in view of the experimental requirements.

  • \( \small \bullet \) Propose and discuss new methods, technology improvements and ideas for Slow Extraction.

  • \( \small \bullet \) Identify new future challenges for further increasing the beam power with SX, and the key research directions needed to mitigate them.

  • \( \small \bullet \) Review collaboration progress and identify new research interests where the focused effort of multiple institutions would gain a significant progress. Build a way for new collaborations between the labs.

  • \( \small \bullet \) Discuss issues and effective techniques of machine protection.

  • \( \small \bullet \) Promote education and institutional knowledge retention in SX techniques.

Further details can be found on the workshop website