Issue 76

Beam Dynamics Newsletter

5 Recent Doctoral Theses

5.1 Coupling Impedance and Single Beam Collective Effects for the Future Circular Collider (Lepton Option)

CANDIDATE: Eleonora Belli, La Sapienza, Rome
SUPERVISOR: Mauro Migliorati (La Sapienza), Giovanni Rumolo (CERN)
GRADUATION: October 2018

The PhD activity of Eleonora Belli concerned the study of collective effects for the electron-positron accelerator FCC-ee. In particular for the machine at the lowest energy, a very high current of 1390 mA is foreseen. Because of such high beam current, collective effects are of particular relevance. The electromagnetic interaction of the beam with the vacuum chamber and electron cloud effects, generated by the interaction of the beam with the photoelectrons produced by photoemission due to synchrotron radiation, have been studied in detail, together with predictions of their effects on beam dynamics and potential solutions for their mitigation.

During her PhD, in 2017, Eleonora Belli won the FCC Innovation Award for her contribution to the FCC collaboration.