March 18, 2004


Dear ICFA BD Panel Members,


At the last ICFA meeting, I proposed to the committee to compile a new  accelerator catalog. The existing one was compiled in 1989 (by Kurokawa, KEK) and obviously needs an update. The ICFA was supportive for this project.


The new catalog will include five groups of accelerators. Each group will have a panel member as the leading person for this project. He or she will work with other panel or non-panel members in this task. I am glad to announce that the following panel members have agreed to take the responsibility of the leading person in this project.


(1) electron colliders - Caterina Biscari (LNF-INFN)

(2) Light sources (including FEL) - Kwang-Je Kim (ANL)

(3) Ion accelerators - Ingo Hofmann (GSI)

(4) Cyclotrons and FFAG - Yoshiharu Mori (KEK)

(5) Proton machines - Weiren Chou (Fermilab)


There are of course some ambiguous areas (e.g., electron-ion machines) that need to be sorted out. We'll address this and some other issues (e.g., energy cut in each group) during the course of this project. Your opinion will be very welcome. If you have specific interest in helping with a group, please feel free to contact that member.


The plan is as follows:


1. We will design a generic form (HTML or WORD or fillable PDF) for people to fill in the machine name and top level parameters. Each group may also design its own form for specific parameter sheets.


2. These forms will be sent electronically to each lab and institution. The group leaders are responsible to  collect these forms and put them together in a uniform format.


3. We are also considering to design a relational database to link them together.


4. The catalog will be published both online and in paper copy.


5. We plan to finish this project by the next ICFA meeting (Feb 2005).


Caterina's lepton collider database( is a good starting point. The form used in the old catalog can also be a useful reference.


I expect active participation of the whole panel in this project. Should

you have any comments; please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.



Weiren Chou



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